How to Get Rid of the “Quarantine-15”
How to Get Rid of the “Quarantine-15”
How to Get Rid of the “Quarantine-15”

 How to Get Rid of the “Quarantine-15”

 2020 has been one of the worst years in history because of COVID-19. More lives, health, and even businesses have been affected by this pandemic. Will you let the shape of your body be affected by the COVID-19 too?

Because of the pandemic, quarantine rules have arisen. Most people stayed at home to stay safe from the virus. Our habits have been changed ever since this lockdown.


What is “Quarantine-15”

The term “Quarantine-15” has become popular online lately. Quarantine-15  is the 15-pound weight gained ever since the stay-at-home guidelines went into effect.


The convenience of delivering food via Uber Eats has been part of the new normal. And even if they have stock of foods at home, most of these are processed foods because of the longer shelf life.


High Fat Burger


Additionally, many people experienced a lot of stress and anxiety because of the fear of contracting the virus, the sudden changes with the guidelines and their source of income has been affected. They turn to foods to cope with the stress that they are experiencing AKA stress-eating. And these are not just foods that they are turning to, the chronic stress makes them turn to nutrition-dense foods like sugary, salty, and fatty foods.


Working from home has been rampant too. According to Dr. Donald Hensrud of Mayo Clinic, low-level activities like walking have decreased because most people are staying at home. They now have smaller spaces to move which lessens the opportunity to burn calories. Before, they have to walk a few miles going to work or their rides. Now, they just need to walk a few steps from their bed to their work stations. Calories are not burning enough, yet, there are more opportunities to eat snacks at home.




And because they had cut down travel time, they have more time in using their gadgets too. They browse in their Facebook and Instagram accounts and all they see are foods that other people were cooking or selling, even from the ads of restos that caters via food delivery apps. Who couldn’t crave for more, right?


After knowing what is Quarantine-15, what comes next?



How to Go Back Into Shape even When You are at Home

  1. Replace soft drinks, juices, or any flavored drinks with plain water. It will cut down at least 150 calories from your diet. Of course, there is a lot of added sugar in these kinds of drinks. Plus, this will help to flush out toxins in your body.


  1. Eat real fruits instead of drinking fruit juices. Again, there are added sugars in them, while most fruits have fibers that help in burning fats. Plus, the act of chewing helps in making you feel full longer.


  1. Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time. Make use of your extra time at home to improve your culinary skills. Create Instagramable, yet healthy versions of your usual meals like pizzas, burritos, and burgers, just use healthy ingredients in them. Snacks can have healthy versions too if you personally cook or bake them and choose your ingredients carefully. Avoid stacking on unhealthy snacks, instead, make fruits visible on your counters. If you cannot see them, you won’t munch on them.


  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is linked to overeating. When you lack sleep, you tend to eat more to compensate for the lost sleep. Even if you do not overeat, your metabolism weakens, and your body tends to store too much sugar and fats.


  1. Manage your stress and anxiety well. Chronic stress and anxiety can change your appetite. You can either overeat or undereat. To avoid these, you can meditate and do yoga to help you manage the COVID-19 anxiety that you have. Yoga will help you in different aspects of health such as physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. You can also seek the help of a life coach like yours truly.


  1. Do strenuous household chores like sweeping and mopping of the floors. Have a regular general cleaning. Don’t hire a cleaner, just do it yourself. You will have a clean house while saving money and working out too.


  1. Create DIY gym equipment if you must. You may put salt or sand in your old bottled water, use a bench for stepping up and down, or even the kids’ balls as temporary gym balls. Go up and down the stairs or just tour the whole house back-and-forth to be part.


  1. Need to buy essentials? Walk or use a bike when going to groceries to get you moving. It is not every day that you are going outside the house, so use it as an opportunity to have your exercise.


  1. Avoid screen time. When you eat while watching, or using your laptops or gadgets, you tend to be not mindful of what you eat. You also move less. Mentioned earlier, you also tend to crave more when you see foods from ads or your social media’s newsfeed. Instead of screen time, make use of your gadgets for downloading exercising apps, dance aerobics videos, or enrolling virtual workout or gym classes, like what we have here at Body by Tamika.


Planning to Go Back to the Gym?

For gym-goers and enthusiasts, nothing beats going to the gym. The machines are complete, and you have face-to-face classes. As we now have more control over the spread of the virus, businesses are starting to re-opening again; so are the gyms.




But don’t you worry because there are gyms that prioritize the health and safety of their clients like Body by Tamika. At Body by Tamika, we use top of line products to sanitize our gym equipment, and we practice 6 feet apart and mask on at all times. You can now do workout routines and use gym equipment in a gym where you are most comfortable without worrying about contracting the COVID-19 disease.


You’ve Exhaust All Efforts But Seem to Not Lose Weight Enough?


Well, we back you up with your body figure concerns. If you cannot slim down the way you want to, if you cannot get back to your pre-COVID figure, we are here to help you out. As you know, we offer Body Contouring Services too.




We don’t just give you these services, we also guide you even if you are done with the virtual training, you are out of the gym, or done with the body contouring procedure. We teach you how to maintain your new figure, and we want you to always stay healthy and safe with or without the pandemic.



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